The Alert 5 Podcast

The Alert 5 Podcast brings you the latest news of your favorite combat flight simulators. We will discuss the history, knowledge, and tactics of old and modern air combat. We welcome you and your feedback!

12 March 2019 - Briefing Room Episode 01:  Sport reviews the Heatblur F-14 Tomcat for DCS with a special appearance by Heatblur Simulations founder and CEO Nicholas Dackard.  The F-14 Tomcat was a 4th generation two-seat, twin engine interceptor designed around the role of fleet defense for the US Navy.  The module, loaded with new technologies for DCS is nothing short of spectacular!  Thanks for listening and Stay Alert!

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11 March 2019 - Scramble 04: On this Scramble the guys bring to you one of the biggest names in DCS World, Matt “Wags” Wagner, Executive Producer at Eagle Dynamics. He sits down with Tricker, Sport, and Dut to discuss how he got started at Eagle Dynamics, a little bit of DCS history, and some exciting development plans for 2019!

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Time Stamps:
00:32 - Introduction
01:40 - Who is Wags?
05:25 - DCS over the years
07:30 - 3rd Party Developer Module Development
11:44 - Eastern Bloc Aircraft in DCS?
13:49 - DCS: F/A-18 Hornet Discussions
19:11 - 2019 DCS Roadmap
21:29 - DCS: F-16C
23:02 - Map Development
25:03 - Combined Arms
28:44 - DCS Dynamic Campaign
30:14 - Questions from the Community (ATC, Weather, Future Modules)
35:45 - Helicopter Development
39:28 - Wag’s Dream Module
40:39 - VR Development
45:02 - Modern Air Combat
48:25 - What is Wag’s Looking forward to in 2019?
55:05 - Wrap-up
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Dedicated Servers:
Development WIP Photos:
Syrian Map WIP Photos (Russian):

05 March 2019 - Episode 07: On this Episode, the guys discuss a huge update that brings eagerly awaited changes to the DCS F/A-18 Hornet along with a release date for the DCS F-14 Tomcat! There are some very interesting changes coming to IL-2! They also have an exciting interview with one of the best campaign makers in DCS, Baltic Dragon, and talk to him about the in’s and out’s of campaign making and an exciting opportunity to work with a former guest of the show, Vincent “Jell-o” Aiello.

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Time Stamps:
01:15 - Playing Catchup
12:30 - DCS F/A-18C Datalink
16:13 - Target of Opportunity Mode
20:58 - Heatblur F-14 Release Date
25:50 - F-16 Info
28:30 - A-10C/KA-50 New Models
29:20 - RAZBAM Mirage Updates
32:45 - MIG-19 Released
35:30 DCS Changelogs
38:08 - IL-2 Update & News
42:35 - Sun n Fun Flyin
44:50 - Baltic Dragon Interview
Link Dump:
Gulfstream G550 HUD Video: 
DCS F-14: LANTIRN 2002:
Heatblur DCS: F-14 Tomcat - Episode 3: Cold And Dark:
Heatblur DCS: F-14 Episode 2: Pilot's Cockpit Walkaround:
Meteor Guns Kill Song:
F-16 Release Phases:
IL-2 Dev Update:
IL-2 Changelog:
Hell_gato Twitch:
The Fighter Pilot Podcast:
Baltic Dragon ED Forum:
DCS M-2000C Red Flag by Baltic Dragon Trailer:
DCS The Enemy Within 3 by Baltic Dragon Trailer:
DCS F-15C The Georgian War by Baltic Dragon trailer:


21 February 2019 - Scramble 03: Hey pilots!  This is a special episode with our friends from Heatblur.  Join us as we head into the ready room and discuss the F-14 Jester AI/Iceman with IronMike, Swither, & Graywo1f(Jester).  Heatblur discusses with us how to use Jester AI, some human factors aspects of Jester, funny incidents in creating Jester, as well as how to use Iceman and other various topics on the F-14.  You won't want to miss this one!  Stay Alert!
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1 February 2019 - Scramble 02: Pilots! On this Alert 5 Scramble we talk with our friend and real world rotorcraft instructor, Moose!  We discuss his Air Force career and experience in Iraq. Also he chats with us about DCS and his civilian aviation experience with a surprise story about the F-16. Hope you enjoy!

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Moose’s F-16 Incentive Ride:
DCS World | 2018 and beyond:

Episode 06 - Interview with Vincent "Jell-O" Aiello from the Fighter Pilot Podcast

24 January 2019 - Episode 06:  Pilots! We’re excited to bring you a special interview with Jell-O from the Fighter Pilot Podcast.  We discuss his Naval career as a Hornet Pilot, Viper Pilot, Top Gun Instructor, and what he’s doing now.  We also go into the latest DCS news with the HARM, Christen Eagle 2, MIG-19P, and Corsair. Hope you enjoy!

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Time Stamps
01:40 Introduction
08:00 F18 AGM 88C HARM
09:00 Missions of the Week
10:45 F18 GBU Fusing Options
12:25 Leatherneck Simulations News
15:40 Razbam MIG19
17:25 Jell-O Interview
01:24:00 Outro Final Thoughts
Link Dump:
The American Heritage Museum:
Tank Museum Pics:
F-16N Article:
Spudknocker Mig-19P video:
RedKite Mig-19P Video:
Hornet bomb fuze settings video:
Chuck_Owl Tomcat Blog Post:
Tricker’s A/A waypoint video:
Wag’s Harm Video:
Hornet Mini-Update:


16 January 2019 - Scramble 01: Hey pilots! We are here to introduce Alert 5 Scrambles. When interviews and news happen in-between podcasts, we will scramble to bring it to you!  Our objective is to keep the community informed and in our first Scramble, we talk to Moltar about the upcoming Heatblur Top Gun Event. We also discuss the upcoming SATAL season and future events in the works.  Make sure you check out the event on 19 January at 1400 zulu.
We welcome your feedback!
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Time Stamps:
0:50 - Moltar Introduction
7:50 - Dutt’s Thoughts
09:45 - Recommendations for New Guys into SATAL
14:30 - Last Years SATAL
18:00 - What is SATAL?
20:35 - Future Events Coming
25:40 - HeatBlur Top Gun Event 1/19 1400Z
30:00 - Thrustmaster Sponsorship!
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DCS World Events site:
DCS World Events Twitch:

10 January 2019 - Episode 05:  We're back!  The guys are excited to be back and over the New Year's hangover, catching up on the exciting happenings of the holidays and what is to come for the New Year.  In the news, Dutt finally got IL-2, some interesting updates coming to the DCS F/A-18, and an exciting module announcement from Eagle Dynamics.  No interview today, but the guys chat about VR, their personal home control setups, as well as their choices for flying when they're on the road!

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Time Stamps:
0:40 - Introduction
1:18 - Opening Discussion and Catching Up
20:45 - Dutt gets IL2
22:45 - DCS Changelogs
26:00 - F/A-18C Changes
28:15 - F/A-18C Mini Update from Wags
32:40 - F-16 Talk
35:10 - MIG-19P
38:05 - MI-24 HIND
39:28 - P-47 Thunderbolt for DCS (Warbirds)
41:47 - A10/KA-50 Updated Cockpit Textures
43:45 - Middle Eastern Map
46:08 - IL-2 Changelogs
50:40 - IL-2 Module Updates
53:30 - Hardware Setups (VR)
1:01:00 - Our personal Setups
1:10:00 - Flying on the road
Link Dump:
Sport's Gulfstream Video:
Falcon 8X:
1946 Globe Swift:
IL-2 Sturmovik:
Latest DCS Changelog:
DCS Weekend Newsletter:
Eagle Dynamics End of Year Video:
RAZBAM MiG-19P WIP Photos:
Spudknocker P-51D-25-NA Video:
STING TV Hornet VR Home Cockpit tour:
DCS Middle East Syria Map WIP:
IL-2 Changelogs:
IL-2 Updates:
VR and Head Tracking Poll:
Thrustmaster Joysticks:
Virpil Controls:
MFG Crosswinds:
Logitech Controls:
07 December 2018 - Episode 04:  Today the guys talk about some of the news that has been released for DCS and IL2 over the last few weeks, including some exciting updates to the DCS: F/A-18 Hornet, AJS-37 Viggen, as well as the early-access release of IL2: Battle of Bodenplatte.  This week’s interview is once again with Heatblur, talking about the powerful weapon system users will be enjoying in the F-14 Tomcat!
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Time Stamps:
00:40 - Introduction
01:19 - Opening Discussion
11:20 - Dutt bought some new modules!
13:18 - Community A-4 First Impressions
16:30 - Hornet Updates
21:22 - Viggen Updates from Heatblur
23:54 - F-14 Tomcat livestream
25:39 - DCS VR Optimizations
26:50 - VR Touch control
31:57 - DCS WWII
32:44 - DCS Damage Model Update
33:32 - IL2 Battle of Bodenplatte
37:56 - Heatblur Weapons Systems Interview
1:34:22 - Final Thoughts
1:34:50 - Announcements
Link Dump:
ANGLL4 Arrival -
Community A-4 Download -
Hornet Mini-Updates -
F-14 Livestream Replay -
VR Tech -
Smarter Every Day:
DCS: Fw-190A-5 WIP Pictures -
DCS Damage Model Update -
IL2 Battle of Bodenplatte -
DCS: F-14 by Heatblur Pre-Purchase -
Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams -
Top Gun 2019 -

13 November 2018 - Episode 03: On the podcast today, the guys discuss the latest news and changes to DCS World and IL-2. We discuss changes to the F-18 as well as future modules and changes from Razbam. We sit down for EXCLUSIVE interview with Heatblur and ask Swither, GrayWolf, 104th_Iron Mike and Akondonnell about some of the exciting upcoming features to the highly-anticipated F-14 Tomcat module!

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Time Stamps:
00:45 - Introduction
12:17 - Air to Air Missile Development 
19:10 - AIM9X vs SU-22
20:20 - Hornet Changes (JHCMS, LASER MAVS)
29:45 - RAZBAM Changes 
38:50 - IL-2 
44:20 - Community News
46:00 - Jabbers Dogfight Series
47:13 - Heatblur Tomcat Interview
Link Dump:
Red Flag Mig-21 vs. F-5 sign up:
Red Flag Mig-15 vs. F-86 sign up:

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