23 October 2018 - Episode 02: On the podcast today, the guys discuss the latest news and changes to DCS World, including the new MiG-29 professional flight model, work in progress details of the upcoming improvements to the overall damage model, and we had an EXCLUSIVE interview with Merker and Plusnine, two of the devs behind the highly-anticipated Community A-4E mod!  

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Time Stamps:
00:30 - Introduction
07:55 - Fighter Pilot Podcast with Wags
18:32 - Updates to DCS (MIG-29 PFM)
24:30 - AIM-9L/M Missile Flight Model Update
30:05 - Key Binding Issues
32:50 - F-18 Updates
37:45 - Wags F-18 Mini Update
41:50 - P51/FW190 Updates including Weapon Damage Updates
44:30 - Combat Flite
47:17 - Razbam Updates (F15E/Harrier/Falklands Map)
57:15 - Deka JF-17 Updates
62:00 - Christen Eagle II
65:30 - MIG 21 News
68:30 - Corsair Updates
71:38 - SATAL News
74:00 - A-4 Community Mod Team Interview
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