3 May 2019 - Episode 8:  The guys are back at it (finally!)  In this episode, they catch up with each other on their lives, cover the mountain of news over the last month, and talk about some of the exciting things coming to DCS, IL2, and more. Thanks for listening and Stay Alert!

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Time Stamps:
16:00 Talking Tomcat
25:15 SATAL Talk
26:20 DCS Changelogs
30:45 SA-5 Coming to DCS
35:55 F-18C Changes/Updates
38:30 F-14 Changes/Updates
43:04 RAZBAM Harrier Changes/Updates
45:40 DCS News
54:00 MIG-19
54:30 Nimitz Class Carrier for DCS
59:00 IL-2 News
1:03:00 Warthunder
1:05:00 Outro
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