11 July 2019 - Episode 9: Summertime is upon us and while the overall news has been slow in the world of combat flight simulation, Tricker, Sport and Dut, are back to get you up to speed on some exciting module development, updates, and some real-world stories.  As always, Stay Alert!
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Time Stamps:
1:00 Catching Up
09:53 Flight Sim Expo 
14:50 DCS Module News 
20:03 F16 Talk
26:45 Normany/Syria Map
29:00 F18 Hotas Grip
31:40 Sports Helicopter Experience
35:40 DCS Changelogs
52:00 IL2 News
Link Dump:
DCS World Weekend News: https://bit.ly/2NWdRtg
Hornet Updates: https://bit.ly/30wxtWG
DCS F-16 WIP Screen Shots: https://bit.ly/2NJLP4j
DCS Open Beta Changelogs: https://bit.ly/2XYW4ph
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