22 January 2020 - Episode 11: Welcome to 2020 pilots, it's good to be back!  Sport, Dutt, & Tricker catch up with everything that has been going on in their lives and launch into the new year with discussions on DCS and IL2.  Included on this episode are discussions on the F-16, F-18, A-10C, IL-2, and a special review of the F-16 from Dutt himself.  Pardon the clipping on Trickers microphone, the issue has been addressed for future episodes.  Stay Alert!

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Time Stamps:
01:30 Catching Up
15:17 A-10C News
17:36 F-18C Updates
21:33 DCS WW2 Talk (Corsair, Mosquito, Essex)
25:00 Landing on a WW2 Carrier Discussion
28:45 Razbam F-15, MIG-27
31:54 Kiowa Talk
39:24 New Maps
47:16 Channel Map
50:04 Super Carrier News
58:08 What we look forward to in 2020
1:01:09 Highlights of 2019
1:04:26 IL-2 News
1:10:22 Dutt’s F-16 Review
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